What is Argentine Tango?

Argentine Tango is an improvisation couple dance, the Silver River (Rio de la Plata) of Argentina is its cradle. It is remarkable by the connection between the partners and the improvisation steps based on the music.

Argentine Tango is a universal language; as long as you understand the secrets of movement’s invitations and responses, you can enjoy with any tango dancers.

Open your heart, it takes TWO to TANGO, we are expecting your life story on the dancing floor.



Who is Tango.two?

Tango.two is the first professional Argentine Tango studio in Taichung. We cooperate with full-time instructors from the world, aim to spread the aesthetics and culture of Argentine Tango in the middle of Taiwan. Our gold is to convert Taichung into a tango city, where the good dancers kin to visit.

Besides the dancing classes, we also organize culture and music lectures, milongas, the Spanish classes, and exhibitions of dancing dresses and shoes. The studio is designed with elegancy and warmth, our students are friendly and love to learn. We urge ourselves growing everyday, we welcome your participation!

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